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Where hidden safety all began.

NOTE: The QUAD factory at Octal street has moved to 26 Link Drive, Yatala, QLD 4207

QUAD has moved!


Where hidden safety all began.

QUAD Skimmer Lids were the first product release by the team at Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd. The QUAD lids are provided with the chosen inlay (landscape) material pre-fitted by the Skimmer Lids team at our Brisbane manufacturing facility. The completed lid is then delivered to  be installed in the pool area.

Although the new HIDE and the original QUAD products offer the same benefits after installation, there are some significant differences in the installation process which you should consider.

Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd has re-engineered the inlay tray, enabling
on-site installation of the integrated inlay material. Achieved by
repositioning the Safety Keyhole on the edge of the lid, your tiler
can now quickly cut the keyhole with an angle grinder on-site,
enabling a better fabrication, quick and easy.

A further benefit of ‘HIDE’ on-site installation is it allows for
any patterns including grout lines to be incorporated into the
lid during installation, making the lid even more seamless to the
eye. Therefore, in every case, HIDE is the right choice! It is fast,
convenient, seamless and cost effective!

Before HIDE, QUAD has rightfully established its self in SEQ’s
marketplace as an innovative leader, enabling Skimmer Lids to
be made safe, seamless and stunning and it has done so with
outstanding homeowner acceptance.

So what is the difference between the new HIDE and the QUAD
you have all loved for so long?
The difference is, QUAD Skimmer
Lids have the Safety Keyhole in the centre of the stone and
therefore, requires specialised machinery to cut the hole in our
factory. This difference means, your stone requires transportation
to us to insert your inlay material, then back to you once done. This
process is increasing costs and installation time, limiting QUAD to

With only positives in the new HIDE system, the choice is clear –
even though HIDE is hard to see!

Your new landscape project + quad

The QUAD products are specifically designed for
installation in a pool skimmer box.

As with the HIDE range, all QUAD lids can only be accessed
with the Safety Key, so they are 100% pool safety compliant
with AU standards.

QUAD lids also sit flush with their surrounds, so eliminate the
tripping hazard experienced with a traditional raised plastic
skimmer lid option.

Retrofit with Hide

Can I upgrade my old landscape lid to a HIDE?

Most certainly! For example, many customers who are tired
of replacing their broken plastic skimmer lids choose to
upgrade to a HIDE lid.

But replacing any type of existing landscape lid with a HIDE
is simple and easy for a professional contractor! The results
are sophisticated, seamless and 100% safe!


Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd products all share some important features.

And the QUAD products are no exception!


Other landscape lid options can be awkward to manoeuvre, hard to remove, or both. In comparison, HIDE and QUAD lids covers are compact, and super easy to remove.


Have we mentioned this enough?!?

HIDE and QUAD lids maintain 100% pool safety compliance with AU standards.

There is a ‘No Earthing’ option available for the Edge Protector with the specification of the Polymer frame.
See the Stainless Steel / Polymer Combination System here:


Some alternative skimmer lid options may become brittle and unstable due to sun damage, others may simply be easily broken, meaning regular replacement headaches for the homeowner.

HIDE and QUAD lids are manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel, creating a durable, long-lasting product with a 10 year warranty. 

The steel frames of both the Inlay Lid and Edge Protector prevent against chipping, breakages and future batch matching headaches.

Occasional Maintenance

The high-quality materials used to manufacture HIDE and QUAD components also ensures maintenance is a breeze – only requiring occasional attendance by the homeowner, at little to no time or cost.

Simply wipe over and clean with warm soapy water.


Further maintenance information can be found here CONTACT SKIMMER LIDS TO PURCHASE A QUAD