Good design is obvious, great design is invisible! Award-Winning custom infill lids made to disappear into your landscape.

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To our valued customers, as the global Coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve, we wanted to share some important steps we’re taking to prioritise the health and safety of our valued customers and staff.

We’re taking extra measures to ensure our manufacturing facility is safe, clean and hygienic environments for all our staff members. We’re also taking extra care to actively sanitise all areas and communal spaces. Skimmer Lids is actively following all advice issued by the Australian Government and ensuring all staff members are supported with clear health and hygiene protocols. We encourage any staff member to stay home if they feel unwell, and those staff who can work from home are currently doing so, as the health of our close-knit community is of paramount importance to us.

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The Award Winning HIDE

Available globally!

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Available as Skimmer box lids, Access covers, Drain covers and Concrete covers.

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HIDE Award

#1 Best Pool Construction Product Award

HIDE Skimmer Lids wins ‘Best New Pool Building Product’ at the New Orleans International Pool | Spa | Patio Exhibition 2019


“Good design is obvious. Great design is invisible.”

Outdoor landscaping shouldn’t be limited when it comes to small details. Until now, traditional options have been lack-lustre. Plastic pool skimmer box lids are a big blemish on a luxury investment, and metal drain grates stamp a landscape with a coarse industrial imprint.

Enter HIDE.

Access cover | Drain cover | Skimmer box lid | Concrete cover

Our range of inlay lids for skimmers, drain and access points have revolutionised landscaping options – transforming those traditional eyesore spots into hidden no-shows. This is achieved by fitting the HIDE lid with materials which match that of the surrounds. Our skimmer box lids and access covers are designed to prevent chips or breakages in stone or tiled areas, can be fitted easily on-site, and provide a luxury, flush finish to your landscaping project. The HIDE lid allows for a sophisticated, integrated finish in your landscape project – whether it be a pool, patio or outdoor area.

The HIDE lid allows for a sophisticated, integrated finish in your landscape project - whether it be a pool, patio or outdoor area.


HIDE lids can be installed both in new landscapes, or retrofitted in existing outdoor areas. They are designed for quick (and affordable) installation by a contractor, and each HIDE kit contains all the components for a no-fuss install.  The only thing left to do is to choose your inlay!



1. HIDE Safety Key
A stainless steel tool to enable the installed HIDE lid to be safely and easily opened/closed.

2. HIDE Height Adjuster
Used only when additional height is required. Provides 2mm extra height if inlay material is not thick enough to achieve a flush finish with the top of the Inlay Lid.

3. HIDE Inlay Lid
A stainless steel tray which holds the inlay (landscape) materials you’ve chosen eg tile, paver, concrete, decking etc.

4. HIDE Edge Protector
A stainless steel frame inserted into a recess within the landscaped area. It protects the coping/surrounds from chipping/breakage when the inlay lid is opened/closed.



All skimmer lids weren’t created equal. Most skimmer lid options have quality issues, and require replacement over time. What’s worse, is that many don’t even meet Australian Pool Safety Standards!

HIDE Skimmer Lids not only look amazing, but provide superior safety and performance.  They are 100% pool-safety compliant, providing peace of mind for both homeowners and contractors.


What customers say

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A great product, looks clean and stylish would recommend it to anyone who is after for a professional and sleek finish.

Brandon, WestPools
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Best purchase I have ever made, gives an overall perfect finish and clean look to my home pool.

Matt, West End
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The beautiful, streamlined finish is just one of the reasons you’ll love HIDE products.


Other landscape lid options can be awkward to manoeuvre, hard to remove, or both. In comparison, HIDE covers are compact, and super easy to remove.

After care is also a breeze, and only requires occasional attendance by the homeowner, at little to no time or cost.


All HIDE lids can only be accessed with the Safety Key, so they are 100% pool safety compliant with AU standards.

Compliance means peace of mind for homeowners, plus legally protects contractors.

HIDE lids also sit flush with their surrounds, so eliminate the tripping hazard experienced with a raised plastic skimmer lid or large access grate.


Marine grade, 316 stainless steel components means a durable, long-lasting product with a 10 year warranty.

The steel frames protect the inlay materials + landscaping surrounds, preventing breakages and future batch matching headaches.


2019 Award Winner 'Best New Pool Construction Product' New Orleans International Pool, Spa, Patio Expo.

2017 SPASA Gold Award Winner Dynamic Pool Designs installs HIDE Skimmer Lids on many of their projects.


2019 Best New Product – New Orleans International Pool | Spa | Patio Exhibition