Polymer Skimmer Lids and Access Covers

Stainless Steel / Polymer kits (Bond Free)

Enjoy the benefits HIDE’s Combination Kits provide, by taking advantage of the proven strength and reliability of 316L stainless steel and bond-free polymer components. There is no earthing required.

HIDE’s key lock access covers set the international standard for safe and concealed access to skimmer boxes and pool equipment.

Choose between two sizes, two depths and two colours to suit any landscaping requirements.

Full Polymer Kits (Bond Free)

HIDE Skimmer Lid Polymer Kits are suitable for tile, stoneĀ and timber decks where earthing (equipotential bonding) requirements are present, as the advanced reinforced polymer construction doesn’t require electrical bonding.

Each kit is available in 342mm square and tile/stone thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm depths. Also, choose between bone and charcoal to suit standard tile and grout colours.

342mm Options

Two Colours
Bone and Charcoal

Two Depths
20mm and 30mm

342mm Skimmer Lid full polymer


Child-resistant access to the skimmer box

Opening the lid is simple and reliable, with no moving parts

Maintenance-free key-way

Flat underside base for reduced wear

Smooth & flat fixing surface for better drainage

Solid fully polished 316 stainless steel key

Square exterior corners allow even stone clearances

Full top surface integrated; concealed keyway

Industry-leading warranty