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  • Stainless Steel Lid (quality 316L)
  • Stainless has a 20-year warranty
  • Polymer Edge Protector (no earthing required)
  • Polymer has a 5-year warranty
  • Colours: Ash, Bone & Charcoal
  • Suitable for 20mm & 30mm stone
  • Available in 342mm & 206mm square
  • On-site inlay install
  • Purchase as a 342 & 206 bundle and save
  • Child resistant
  • Australian pool safety compliant
  • Available in Australia only

Skimmer Lids Combination

Stainless Steel / Polymer Hybrid Combination Kits

HIDE ‘Combination Kits’ utilise our industry-leading 316 Stainless Steel Lid combined with the Polymer Edge Protector. The Polymer EP insulates the stainless lid and does not require earthing. The polymer colour blends in with grout colours.

HIDE Combination Kits are available in a Skimmer Lid size 342mm square and a matching Access Cover size 206mm square.

The 316L stainless steel lid offers the most robust, supportive and durable lid on the market.

The Polymer Edge Protector has been designed to suit installations only where earthing our stainless steel Edge Protector is unachievable.

HIDE’s uniquely simple key operating system provides superior safety and reliability for pool owners and conforms to Australian standards compliance for pool builders, as it cannot be removed manually.

The flush-fitting pool skimmer lid is easy to install and blends into the pool surround for a flawless upmarket finish every time. With a range of colours, depths and sizes to choose from, HIDE is the perfect solution to suit tile, stone and timber deck finishes.

If you are looking for the ‘Full Polymer‘ Kits – Click here

Bone Edge Protector with Stainless Lid
Charcoal Edge Protector with Stainless Lid