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We're often asked if the HIDE Skimmer Lid needs to be bonded.

So let's break it down for you.

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Whether at home or on holiday, it is crucial to ensure that a swimming pool is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Creating a safe electrical environment around the swimming pool begins with proper planning. All swimming pool construction and refurbishments in Australia require compliance with legislated electrical work regulations.

One essential safety procedure is earthing, which protects against varying levels of electrical potential that may exist in the groundmass or the pool environment’s fixtures and fittings. Earthing or equipotential bonding reduces the risk of electric shock in the event of an electrical fault that energizes conductive objects.

The Australian electrical code covers various project specifications, as each swimming pool project differs in layout, design, construction, and equipment. To address these variations, Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd have developed the HIDE® range of Skimmer Lid options to meet the requirements of all swimming pool projects. This includes child resistance opening, ventilation, and provision for electrical compliance. Here’s a summary of the HIDE lid options:

HIDE 316 Stainless Steel Skimmer Lid


HSL (HIDE Complete Stainless-Steel kit): This option provides absolute durability and quality through stainless-steel construction. Stainless Steel is conductive, and earthing wires may need to be attached. All  Edge protectors have a fixing hole for when bonding is mandatory. The lid is sitting on the EP and not fixed in place; direct bonding of the removable lid is not required.

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Charcoal - 342 Skimmer Covers - Bond-Free

HSSP - No Earthing

HSSP (HIDE Stainless Steel and Polymer combination): When bonding is required but unavailable, this option combines the durable stainless-steel lid with the electrical isolation of the Polymer Edge Protector.

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342 full polymer Skimmer Lid - Bone colour

HPSL - No Earthing

HPSL (HIDE Polymer Skimmer Lid): This option provides a full polymer non-conductive kit for situations when bonding is required but unavailable.

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The wiring rules specify two defined zones around the pool’s perimeter. Zone 1, the innermost zone, imposes limitations on the type of electrical equipment allowed in that area. Zone 2, the second outer zone, permits non-essential pool equipment with lesser electrical specifications. Establishing these zones during the planning stage is essential, as electrical requirements vary based on factors such as the pool’s exposed conductive parts whether electrical or not, contact between electrical equipment and pool water, equipment installation zone, equipment isolation or fixed placement, the composition of equipment around the pool, and direct or indirect connection to the earth mass.

To navigate this complexity, discussing the electrical work with a licensed Electrical Contractor is recommended. Follow these steps:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Engage with your Electrical Contractor early in the design and planning process.
  3. Provide your Electrical Contractor with site plans and equipment specifications.
  4. Whenever possible, choose alternative designs or products that are easily accessible from the pool edge.

HIDE offers all the alternatives mentioned above to accommodate various requirements and situations related to bonding. It’s important to note that not all HIDE Skimmer Lids require earthing. You can select the model that aligns with your project’s specific construction specifications or electrical requirements.

Please remember that the information provided here is a general guideline based on the intent of the Wiring Rules. State regulators may have specific variations or requirements, so it is strongly advised to consult a Licensed Electrical Contractor (Master Electrician) to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.




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Bond-Free Options - Available Now

Skimmer Lids have a range of bond-free options, which should be considered when the bonding of our high-grade quality 316 stainless steel lids is required and cannot be achieved. Polymer Kits in Ash, Bone and Charcoal are in stock and available for delivery.

Our Polymer Range

Combination Kits: Stainless Steel Lid with a Bond-Free Polymer Edge Protector

Full Polymer Kits: 3 colours Ash, Bone and Charcoal to blend in with popular grout colours.

Bundle Kits: 342mm Skimmer Lid and matching 206mm Access Cover – Save $

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Bond-free 342 Skimmer Lid. Charcoal frames with Stainless Lids
HSSP - Stainless Steel Polymer Combination
342 full polymer Skimmer Lid - Ash colour
HPSL - HIDE Polymer Skimmer Lid - Ash
342 full polymer Skimmer Lid - Bone colour
HPSL - HIDE Polymer Skimmer Lid - Bone
342 full polymer Skimmer Lid - Charcoal colour
HPSL - HIDE Polymer Skimmer Lid - Charcoal
Access Covers Full Polymer - Charcoal underside of lid showing the advanced keyway - No moving parts
Advanced Keyway - No moving parts
Bundle the 342 Skimmer Lid & 206 Access Cover - Bone colour
Bundle 342 Skimmer with a 206 Access and save